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Polk County Sheriff’s Phone# 863-298-6200

If in an emergency Dial 911

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Emergency Communications Center

Special Operations

Emergency Communications Center

The Emergency Communications Center, or ECC, under the supervision of Deputy Director Kurt Lockwood, is responsible for receiving and processing all emergency and non-emergency calls for service, dispatching deputies and Polk County Fire Rescue units, and providing critical information to the units when they are en-route and in the field. The agency and state certified training that our Telecommunicators receive is essential to their job performance. Their extensive training helps them assess situations, obtain pertinent information and dispatch the appropriate resources, in a timely manner.

Our ECC members dispatch law enforcement and fire/rescue services to all of Polk County with the exception of the cities of Lakeland, Bartow, and Lake Alfred.

The ECC has four accreditations:

  • Florida Telecommunications Accreditation
  • International Academies of Emergency Medical Dispatch
  • International Academies of Emergency Fire Dispatch
  • Public Safety Communication Accreditation
Deputy Director Kurt Lockwood

When To Call Us

ECC member

The ECC is a 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week operation. If you have an emergency, dial 9-1-1. The main non-emergency number is 863-298-6200. 

We encourage all our residents - if you see something or hear something, say something. The only way to report crime in the unincorporated areas of Polk County or within our contract cities, is to call us. To report a past-occurred crime, to inquire about law enforcement activity in your area, or to request a deputy to respond to your location to take a report, you must call our non-emergency number 863-298-6200.

The ECC motto is: "We will always answer the call."

Training & Qualifications

In order to be full trained in all disciplines, a Telecommunicator must complete 2,160 hours of training:

  • 565 Law enforcement dispatch
  • 316 Law enforcement call-taking
  • 316 Fire/EMS call-taking
  • 316 Fire dispatch
  • 240 9-1-1 public safety training
  • 158 Fire radio
  • 113 9-1-1 call-taking
  • 56 Animal Control radio
  • 40 Emergency medical/fire dispatch
  • 40 Crisis Intervention Training

Are you interested in a career as a Telecommunicator? We are always hiring! Click here to learn how to become a member!

ECC training