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Safe Schools

DLE Divisions

Safe Schools

In order to meet the security and safety needs of thousands of students, faculty, and visitors of Polk County-based educational institutions, the Polk County Sheriff ’s Office created the Safe Schools Division, which brings all of our school-based programs under one roof so that they can focus entirely on school safety.

Under the leadership of Major Jill Seymour, the Safe Schools Division consists of the Bureau of Colleges and Universities, and the Bureau of Primary and Secondary Schools. Each bureau is commanded by a Captain who reports to the Division Commander.

Major Jill Seymour
Captain Rob McManus

Bureau of Colleges & Universities

Captain Rob McManus

The Bureau of Colleges and Universities partners with Polk State College and Southeastern University to provide safety and security services. These partnerships provide a system through which the security operations of contracted colleges and universities will be managed and coordinated to enhance the safety and security of students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors. The main number is 863-667-5189. 

The campuses have a sworn law enforcement Lieutenant permanently assigned to the campus to oversee security and safety operations. These law enforcement professionals are also responsible for ensuring Polk State College and Southeastern University remain compliant with changing federal guidelines regarding the Jeanne Clery Act and the Violence Against Women Act.

Captain Rian Shea

Bureau of Primary & Secondary Schools

Captain Rian Shea

The Bureau of Primary and Secondary Schools, under the leadership of Captain Rian Shea, encompasses the School Resource Unit and the School Crossing Unit.

Members of the School Resource Unit are sworn School Resource Deputy Sheriffs who are responsible for maintaining a safe learning environment and mentoring students regarding real life issues such as drugs, gangs, truancy, and bullying. The School Resource Deputy Sheriffs work in partnership with the Polk County School Board to ensure students have a safe place to learn and faculty has a safe place to teach. The main number is 863-322-0223.

This bureau also encompasses the School Crossing Unit, which is responsible for ensuring elementary students safely arrive at school. School Crossing Guards are part-time members who receive training to provide those students a safe place to cross streets when they have to walk to and from school. The School Crossing Supervisors can be reached at 863-534-7300 ext. 108 or 109.

Deputies standing in front of school bus