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Polk County Sheriff’s Phone# 863-298-6200

If in an emergency Dial 911

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Support Division

DOD Division


The Support Division, under the leadership of Major Darren Chambers, encompasses inmate intake (also known as Booking), inmate records, inmate programs, court security, court process, and food services.

Major Darren Chambers
Captain Kevin McGraw

Court and Support Services

Captain Kevin McGraw

The Court Process Section is located at 455 North Broadway in Bartow. The main number to call is 863-534-6202. Court Process Servers are required by Florida Statute to serve any legal process originating from the Supreme Courts, Circuit Courts, County Courts, local governmental code enforcement boards, and other governmental agencies.

Captain Tammy Pickles

Intake and Records Bureau

Captain Tammy Pickles

The Sheriff's Processing Center (Booking) is located at 7101 De Castro Road in Winter Haven. The main number to call is 863-292-3400. The facility processes all arrestees or inmates that enter into the Polk County Jail. The Intake Records Specialists generate a hard file and a computer file on all inmates at the time of booking. They also complete a book out process for all inmates before they leave the Polk County Jail. The Classifications Unit is responsible for the maintenance of all inmate files throughout their incarceration. They can also be reached at 863-292-3400.