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Sep 25, 2023

Lakeland man charged with domestic violence

Media Contact: Scott Wilder

51-year-old Fernando Gonzalez of Lakeland was charged with battery domestic violence for pushing his girlfriend during an argument, during which she was trying to leave their shared residence. Gonzalez is employed as a Federal Air Marshal. 

At approximately 1:15 pm on Sunday, September 24, deputies responded to a residence in Lakeland. The victim reported she was pushed against her will against a door in the home by Gonzalez. Deputies observed a small cut mark on the victim’s left wrist that had minor bleeding.

Fernando Gonzalez denied touching the victim during the argument. Deputies observed in the affidavit that the victim’s description of what happened was consistent throughout the investigation and that Gonzalez’ was not consistent, changing his description of the event several times. 

“We expect better from a law enforcement officer. We have notified the Air Marshal’s office of this arrest.” Grady Judd, Sheriff

Gonzalez was arrested and transported to the Polk County Jail.