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May 24, 2023

Lakeland brothers arrested after getting violent at a local bar

Media Contact: Brian Bruchey, PIO

A pair of brothers were arrested by deputies from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office Saturday evening, May 20, 2023, after the pair became violent at the Brewlands Bar & Billiards at 5733 South Florida Avenue in Lakeland.

A 911 call alerted the deputies to the belligerent brothers at around 11:50 pm. When they arrived, the two men were arguing and yelling with other customers in the parking lot.

The siblings were identified as 28-year old Christopher Davis and 30-year old Jay Davis, both of Lakeland.

Prior to the arrival of deputies, two security guards attempted to escort the men out of the bar after they began causing a disturbance and trying to fight other customers.
Christopher then began punching the guards, and Jay grabbed both guards to pull them away from his brother. 

Deputies noted that both men appeared heavily intoxicated. According to the arrest affidavit, Christopher was “was staggering and making incoherent statements, yelling profanities, and racial slurs.

Christopher kicked a deputy and grabbed her wrist. When other deputies arrived on scene, he attempted to spit on the deputies, and kicked another deputy, knocking her to the ground. At that time he attempted to escape but was quickly secured.

Both suspects were taken into custody and transported to the PCSO Sheriff’s Processing Center to be booked-in.

During the transport, Christopher Davis told the deputy to pull over so he could, “rape and kill” her. 

“The people at the bar just wanted to have a fun evening, but then these two acted like fools and tried to start fights. In the end, we gave them a nice family moment—we arrested them together and sent them to jail together.”Grady Judd, Sheriff

Christopher Davis was charged with: Escape (F2), Battery on LEO (F3, 2-counts), Threatening a Public Official (F3), Resist with Violence (F3), Simple Battery (M1, 2-Counts), Resisting without Violence (M1), Simple Assault (M1), and Disorderly Intoxication (M2). 

Jay Davis was charged with: Simple Battery (M1, 2-Counts) and Disorderly Intoxication (M2).