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Purchasing Unit

Purchasing Terms and Conditions form190A

Nov 13, 2020, 13:00 PM by Carrie Horstman
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To view or request any Polk County Sheriff's Office bid solicitations, please visit our vendor link by clicking here.

Committed to Excellence


The Purchasing Unit is committed to procuring goods and services in the most efficient and cost effective way to achieve the best price consistent with the quality needed to meet the requirements of the Sheriff’s Office. 


The Purchasing Unit members shall work together to create innovative approaches to the procurement process for the benefit of our customers and the Sheriff’s Office. The Unit shall strive to create a friendly work environment through teamwork, respect, integrity, and honest communication. 


The Purchasing Unit shall seek to maximize the purchasing power of public funds, while promoting fair and open competition. The Unit shall follow a strict code of ethics, avoiding the appearance of, and preventing the opportunity for, favoritism.